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Influencer agency in Spain for advertising

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Tell us the profile you’re looking for your marketing initiative, and we’ll promptly respond with their hiring terms. We’ll make it straightforward for you.

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If you’re uncertain about which profile to go for, we’ll suggest the best ones based on your budget. Let us surprise you.

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We select the best profile and strategy based on your objectives. From great actions with macro-influencers to campaigns with armies of micro-influencers.


We have been elevating brands for more than 15 years through actions with influencers and celebrities. In the field of influencer marketing, we dominate the game. Maybe some of our actions sound familiar to you:

our top influencers profiles

Below you can see a small selection of our favorite influencers, but if you don’t find the one you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the right profile.

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In our influencer agency in Spain we assist you in discovering and connecting with the influencer who will elevate your brand.

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Instagram, TikTok and Youtube


There are many content creators who have profiles on different platforms. Therefore, we must consider all possibilities when planning a social media campaign.


Instagram is a visual social media platform where short-duration videos, photos, effects, and interactions with other accounts through comments and likes can be shared.


TikTok features more spontaneous content through short-duration videos that are easy to watch and highly engaging. These videos often include music and editing. The app’s algorithm makes it easier for content to go viral.


YouTube users upload content to their own channels. This is predominantly audiovisual content, tends to be longer in duration, and can be consumed online at any time. Many brands opt for it to establish a deeper connection with their target audience, achieving a more organic presence.


Do you want your brand to be the next to stand out with an influencer marketing strategy?

Get in touch with us and start making a difference in the digital world.

Influencer agency in Spain for advertising

We help you find the best prescribers

Engage influencers as brand advisors for events, advertising campaigns, viral videos, social media, and more.

The advertising landscape has undergone significant transformations recently. Social networks like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram have become the new avenues for spreading advertising messages, with influencers being the key figures ensuring these messages reach their vast audiences.

Embracing this new reality, Espectalium aims to assist companies in discovering the ideal advocate for their brand. To accomplish this, our influencer agency engages, interacts, and collaborates with the top influencers of the moment.

Boost your brand with influencer marketing

Multiply your reach with effective influencer strategies

As a renowned influencers agency, our primary goal is to facilitate the connection between brands and their genuine consumers. Hiring suitable influencers to disseminate the advertising message is undoubtedly one of the most effective options to promote your brand or company.

Thanks to their endorsement potential and significant influence, influencers have evolved into a new advertising figure capable of conveying a message that resonates exponentially with thousands of people.

Create influencer marketing strategies

Build successful relationships between your brand and your audience through influencers

Our influencer agency is a platform where brands can find the appropriate influencer for their advertising campaigns. We analyze your message and your potential target and advise you on the ideal prescriber for the brand.

We advise brands so that the choice of a certain influencer matches their personality and subscribers with the advertising project. We coordinate the relationship between our clients and influencers to generate content that benefits both parties.

Find the perfect influencer for your campaign

We are experts in selecting the best profile for your brand

We collaborate with an extensive array of influencers to ensure the choice is as fitting as possible. As an influencer agency, we boast top bloggers covering diverse subjects, the trendiest YouTubers of the moment, Instagram influencers with substantial followings, and TV personalities with a strong media presence.

At Espectalium, our diverse pool includes influencers for advertising, as well as actors and actresses like Paco LeónCayetana Guillén CuervoCristina CastañoDani RoviraMaxi IglesiasFernando TejeroVanesa RomeroMartiño RivasYon GonzálezAlejo SaurasNatalia SánchezMarta HazasBlanca SuárezPaula EchevarríaOlivia MolinaSalva ReinaMacarena GómezLlum Barrera,Pablo ChiapellaNacho GuerrerosPablo PuyolKira Miró y Antonio Resines.

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Any further questions on this matter? Feel free to reach out to our team to address any inquiries you may have.

No, we are a talent representation agency. We assist you in discovering and connecting with the influencer that best fits your campaign.

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We are a media agency experts in selecting the best profile for your brand.
We build successful relationships between your brand and your target audience through Influencers.

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