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Keynote Speakers in Barcelona

Choose between a wide range of our keynote speakers for your special event in Spain; quality entertainment at its finest!

We have worked for brands like:

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Tell us which profile best fits your event and we will respond immediately with your contract conditions. We will make it easy for you.


If you are not sure which profile to bet on, we will recommend the best ones depending on the budget you have. 


We include references and nods to the theme you propose and we adapt to the duration you need.


We have keynote speakers in all languages: English, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese or Chinese, among many others.


contratar conferenciantes en barcelona


Speaker agency with a diverse range of Spanish speakers from various fields: politicians, economists, journalists, athletes, personal development experts, entrepreneurs, etc.

We provide speakers, presenters, lecturers, and moderators for events, conferences, meetings, and corporate gatherings. Our roster includes first-rate, recognized, and renowned profiles in the realm of education and motivation. Contact us, and we’ll guide you on the speaker that best suits your event.


Personal improvement conferences

If you are a lover of the sport world, we recommend the conferences of speakers as: Sergio Scariolo, María Vasco or Carlos Sainz. Their histories are very powerful. 

Motivational conferences

The best conferences about motivation and leadership are the ones of Enric Company, Míriam Díaz-Aroca, Victor Küppers or Emilio Duró: the top national and motivational speakers of the moment.

Digital transformation conferences

At the field of digital transformation, you will find conferences of Silvia Leal, Christian Cuevas or Deepak Daswani. Also, you can find specific name conferences as: ”Innovation at the company” and ”Digital transformation at he company”. 

Economics conferences

At the economic field, we count with conferences of top professional speakers like Álex Rovira, Gonzalo Bernardos or Manuel Campo Vidal. All of them are experts at the economic field and they are able to change your point of view related to our social-economical context. 

Marketing and sales conferences

In the field of marketing and sales, Valeria Domínguez works with us, and in our catalog there are conferences such as “Digital strategies and businesses”, “Digital Marketing and Social Media” and “Online positioning”.

Psychology and health conferences

The presentations on psychology and health come from professionals such as Patricia Ramírez, Rafa Rodríguez, Mario Alonso Puig or Elsa Punset. As for specific conferences, we recommend “Happiness at Work.” 

Innovation conferences

If what you are looking for are talks with innovation as a common thread, we recommend those by Bibiana Ballbè, Enrique Dans, Luis Font, Yago Hansen, Marc Vidal or Jorge Luengo. 

Leadership conferences

The presentations on leadership come from professionals in the sector such as Victor Küppers, Emilio Duró, Irene Villa, Álvaro Vizcaíno, Pilar Jericó, Álvaro Neil, Phil Gonzalez, Alberto Contador, Toni Nadal or Desirée Vila. 

Sustainability and environment conferences

In the field of environmental care and sustainability we work with personalities such as Francisco Lozano, Brenda Chávez, Albert Bosch, Javier Goyeneche or Sergio de Otto Soler. 

contratar conferenciantes en barcelona


Organizing a successful event involves myriad details, and one of the most critical aspects is selecting the right speaker. A specialized agency like Espectalium can be your strategic ally in this process, providing personalized and detailed advisory services to help you choose speakers who resonate with the values and objectives of your event.

At Espectalium, we understand the importance of your message and the need for it to reach your audience in the most impactful way possible. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to deeply understanding your needs to recommend speakers who not only excel in the chosen theme but also possess the ability to connect with and mobilize the audience.

Regardless of the type of speech you’re seeking—motivational, educational, innovative—our team is equipped to facilitate a memorable and enriching experience. Our commitment is to ensure that you can focus on the essential aspects of your event while we handle the smooth and hassle-free selection and hiring of the speaker.

Choose Espectalium to bring your events to life with speakers who inspire, educate, and transform.


contratar conferenciantes en barcelona


Enjoy interesting conferences from the best speakers of the moment such as Victor Küppers, Vicente del Bosque, Enric Company or Amaya Valdemoro.

If you are looking for an exclusive conference, we have topics such as “Diversity and Inclusion”, “Your Wow Side”, “Digital Business and Strategies”, “Nutrition and Health”, “The Madurescent Revolution”, “The Wealth of Difference”, ” Digital transformation of the company”, “Online positioning”, “Responsible consumption and sustainability”, “Positive motivation, change and attitude”, “Laughing with science”, “How to speak in public”, “Environmental awareness”, “Digital marketing and social media”, “Innovation in the company”, “Talent and diversity”, “The hypothetical salesperson”, “Happiness at work” and “Women’s empowerment”.

Looking to hire keynote speakers for events in barcelona? do you NEED help?


If this is the first time you want to hire a speaker for events and parties, you surely have many questions about hiring them. Below, we have collected some of the most common questions that will help you choose the best speaker for your event.

The rates of our speakers may be different depending on the experience, the reputation of the speaker, the format of the event, extra expenses (travel, subsistence allowances...), etc. Taking these circumstances into account, at Espectalium we offer solutions according to the needs of our clients.

At Espectalium we will always offer you those speakers that best suit the characteristics of your event (sector, audience, objective of the event). In addition, many of our speakers offer speeches adapted as much as possible to the typology of the event. If you have any questions related to this, do not hesitate to contact us.

No, there are no additional costs. Our costs are already included in the speakers' rates and also include travel expenses, subsistence, etc.

Of course. In addition to the speakers that appear on our website, we also have a more extensive network of collaborators and speakers such as Josef Ajram, Mago More, among many other top-level profiles like them.

Communication from the beginning fosters greater understanding and greater understanding between client and speaker. At Espectalium we accompany both the client and the speaker throughout this process so that there is a fluid relationship between both that guarantees the success of the speech and the event.

Each speaker has an established time depending on the theme or typology of the event. It will depend on the speaker and the content of her speech. Ask us without any type of commitment through the form and we will resolve any questions of this nature.

This will depend in many cases on the speaker and their availability. Inform us of your interests in advance to ensure the presence of the speaker at these activities.

We pass on all the detailed information about the event (objective, characteristics, theme, audience, sector) so that the speaker can adapt his speech as far as possible to the characteristics of the event.

Of course, most of the speakers in our portfolio have published books. Simply inform us of the copies of the books before the event and we will take care of managing it.

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