Street Dance: Hip hop, funk and break dance

Street Dance: hip hop, funk and break dance

Is there a better way to impress your audience than a great show of street dance?

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  • Street dance shows with 3 of the most well-known and popular dances:  Hip hop, Funk and Break Dance.
  • Budget can be adapted  to the client’s needs.

Street Dance for events in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, etc.

Street Dance is a show in which different dancers go to the stage to exhibit the art of several urban dances. It is a highly empowering and energetic show where the dancers’ creativity and improvisation is involved.

Street dance gathers three different styles in one event: Hip hop, funk and Break Dance

  • Hip Hop: this artistic movement comes from the outcast neighbourhoods in New York around the seventies. This kind of dance involves a combination of acrobats, gymnastics and rhythm with other arts like graffiti or rap.
  • Funk: originally from the United States, it comes from hip hop but has evolved to merge with disco beats. It combines steps from jazz, break dance, afro rhythms or contemporary dance. These steps are strongly choreographed and involve moving the arms and the body.
  • Break Dance: also originated in the United States, it is a style of dance which requires a lot of flexibility while having total control of the body. Its movements are electric and explosive.

These three styles are combined in one amazing show that will impress any kind of audience at any kind of event: award ceremonies, business ceremonies, conferences, etc. These dancers will perform stunts, jumps and choreographies that will amaze all guests.

These urban styles will amaze the audience at your event in Barcelona, Madrid or any other Spanish city.

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