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Booking speakers has never been so easy. Our selection of some of the most popular Spanish speakers know everything about teamwork, consistency, effort and optimism. If you need to motivate your audience, we are the right speakers agency for you.

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Our speakers agency offers a wide range of speakers of all fields: politicians, economists, journalists, athletes, etc. We have speakers who are capable of expressing enthusiasm, work and consistency values in your event. Our speakers agency will help you find the right person to move the audience at your event.

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Albert Bosch

Athlete, speaker, entrepreneur and writer. He has participated in the project ‘Siete Cumbres’ and in nine Dakar Rallies. He is an entrepreneur and businessman from his twenties, and her talks about leadership, sport, motivation, values and improvement in his conferences.

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Araceli Segarra

Alpinist, expert in physical therapy, model and children stories’ illustrator. At the age of 26 she was the first Spanish woman to climb the top of the Everest. She talks about motivation through her more than 30 mountain expeditions.
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contratar chema martínez

Chema Martínez

Olympic athlete winner of a gold medal and two silver medals in European championships. He collaborates with universities, companies and media from our country. His conferences talk about different topics: setting goals, new challenges, the culture of effort, etc.
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David Meca

Professional swimmer, host and lecturer. Thanks to sport, Meca has been able to create motivational speeches based on personal challenges. His adventurous spirit has taken him to swim the British Channel and the Strait of Gibraltar.
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Edurne Pasaban

Alpinist, businesswoman, Technical Industrial engineer and writer. She was the first women to climb the 14 mountains that are more than 8.000 meters tall. She is a technical industrial engineer and has a master’s degree in ESADE. She gives motivational conferences on personal growth.
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Elsa Punset

Communicator, philosopher and Spanish writer. Director of the Social and Emotional Development Laboratory, where adults and children carry out projects and workshops on emotional intelligence. Writer of books as Inocencia radical; Una mochila para el universo, etc.
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Emilio Duró

Economist, professor, businessman and lecturer. Licensed in Economic Science in Autónoma de Barcelona and ESADE. His speeches are focused on the development of the intellectual capacities of the human being  like how to face fears and many others.
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contratar enrique dans

Enrique Dans

Information Systems Professor in IE Business School. His opinions and articles can be read in the most popular Spanish newspapers such as El País, El Mundo, Público, ABC, etc. In his conferences, he talks about topics such as internet and new technologies.
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contratar enrique rojas

Enrique Rojas

Doctor and psychiatry professor in Universidad de Extremadura. He focuses on two main topics: depression and anxiety. He talks about the search of happiness with an informative tone.
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contratar fermin cacho

Fermín Cacho

Former Olympian athlete, winner of a gold medal in the 1.500 m category in the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and a silver medal in the games of Atlanta in 1996. He makes motivational conferences on teamwork, personal growth, effort and sport.
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Contratar Fernando Romay

Fernando Romay

Former basketball player for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. He won the silver medal in the Olympics of 1984. He is one of the players from Real Madrid with more titles, including to Europe cups. His conferences are about teamwork.
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contratar irene villa

Irene Villa

Lecturer, journalist, writer and psychologist. Author of books as “Saber que se puede”, “Saber que se puede, veinte años después”, “Nunca es demasiado tarde, princesa”, etc. Motivational and personal growth conferences.
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Jaime Alguersuari

Former Formula 1, Formula E, Formula 3 pilot. He was the youngest pilot to debut in Formula 1 in the team Toro Rosso (2009-2011). Motivational, teamwork and personal growth speeches.
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Jesús Calleja

Alpinist, adventurer, writer and host of the program Desafío Extremo. He featured in ‘Desafío en Himalaya’, ‘Desafío en el abismo’ and ‘Planeta Calleja’. Writer of  Desafío extremo: aventuras y desventuras por los cinco continentes y Manual del joven aventurero.
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jordi gil

Jordi Gil

Journalist, presenter of the program Info K and Ironman runner. Regular triathlon runner. In 2013 he decided to participate in the Ironman of Lanzarote and tell the experience in TV3. Jordi Gil talks about improvement, goal achievements and sport.
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contratar jorge blass

Jorge Blass

Magician and lecturer. In Conferencias mágicas, he puts on a show where the audience will discover magical ideas. Well-known magician with an original and different concept of conferences. Jorge Blass can be seen in television and theatres.
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Jose María Gay de Liébana

Economist, university professor and lecturer. Honored by the 2012 Economy Award from the Asociación de Corresponsales de Prensa Extranjera en España (ACPE). His conferences are focused in economy.
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Josef Ajram

‘Trader’, writer and athlete. Economy expert, works in the Stock Exchange in Barcelona and Madrid. His conferences are based on his financial knowledge and also motivation and self-development in the area of sports.
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Kilian Jornet

Mountain runner and skier. Professional athlete specialised in rock and mountain climbing since 2004 distinguished by the Catalan Sports Council and the Consejo Superior de Deportes. Nowadays he gives conferences based on his career as an athlete.
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Leopoldo Abadía

Economics professor and analyst. He uses simple vocabulary to explain economy. Author of La crisis ninja y otros misterios de la economía actual; La hora de los sensatos: Una solución práctica para todos los problemas que nos ha traído la crisis, etc.
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Lluís Soldevila

Team builder and consultant for Actitudes de Alto Rendimiento and a computer-science engineer in UPC. Deutsche Bank Group Consultant and manager. He is an ESADE Business teacher. His conferences are about achieving goals and motivation.
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Mago More

Magician, presenter, entrepreneur, scriptwriter, actor and lecturer. Double time winner of the Comic Magic championship in Spain. Motivational, business and communication speeches.
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Manuel Campo Vidal

Journalist, writer and television presenter. President of the business school International Business School and president of the Television Academy since 2006. Winner of an Ondas prize in 1989 and has two TP de Oro as best presenter.
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Mario Alonso Puig

Surgeon, communicator, professor and writer. Harvard graduate specialised in surgery. He owns the award of communication and RRHH by the Dale Carnegie College in New York. He gives conferences and courses on leadership, communication, creativity…
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Pau Garcia-Milà

Communicator, writer and co-founder of eyeOS. He collaborates with Catalunya Ràdio, La Xarxa, Rac1, etc. Experienced as a professor in ESADE Digital Business master and author of Está todo por hacer, Optimismamente y Tienes una idea (pero aún no o sabes).
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contratar pedro garcia aguado

Pedro García Aguado

Former waterpolo player and presenter. Gold medal winner in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Writer of the book titled “Mañana lo dejo: confidencias de un campeón olímpico que venció a las drogas y al alcohol”. Motivational, achievement, educational speeches, etc.
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Contratar Pep Torres

Pep Torres

Inventor, creator, consultor, designer, writer and TV and radio collaborator. Manages the studio Stereonoise SL, a company devoted to the development of new products, creative consultancy, etc. ATTIC creator and director, Ideas and Invents International Fair.
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contratar risto mejide

Risto Mejide

Speaker and presenter of programs as Al Rincón and Viajando con Chester and collaborator of Tú si que vales. Aftershare founder and creative director. Expert in communication and brands; one of the most charismatic celebrities from today.
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contratar roberto heras

Roberto Heras

Cyclist winner of 4 Vueltas a España. After his retirement he began to run in competitions like the Titan Desert. His conferences are focused on sport, spirit of improvement, motivation, boosting competitively, achieving goals, etc.
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Sr. Corrales

Lecturer, team builder and coach of speeches YES YOU CAN! and MOTIVA2. Presenter of conferences: Comunicación eficaz y Comunicación no-verbalTécnicas y trucos teatrales aplicados a la comunicación empresarial, Curso-taller de habilidades para ventas eficaces.
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contratar teresa_perales

Teresa Perales

Paralympic swimmer, expert in physiotherapy and expert in personal and sport coaching. Winner of 22 olympic medals. Co-writer of the book “Mi vida sobre ruedas”. Gives motivational, personal growth and sports speeches.
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Valentí Sanjuan

Long-distance and ultra-endurance runnner, presenter and director of the program Visto lo Visto. Produced by himself from Gordon Seen, content agency and creative HUB. His conferences are focused on personal growth and goal-achieving speeches.
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Victor Küppers

Küppers&Co founding partner. Humanities Doctor and licensed in business administration. Writer of the book “El efecto Actitud” and “Vivir la Vida con sentido”. Speeches on motiativation, personal growth, leadership, business and sales.
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Xavier Sala i Martín

Professor and economic adviser. Economy Professor in Columbia University of New York. National Bureau of Economic Research researcher. His speeches are based on humor and economy.
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contratar carlos suarez

Carlos Suárez

Climber with more than 25 years of experience from Madrid. Practices different activities related to mountains: sport climbing, wall climbing… Combines it with base jumping. Author of the book “Morir por la cima”. Gives conferences on motivation, facing fears, being successful, etc.


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