Flamenco show and Sevillanas for events

Flamenco show and Sevillanas for your event in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

‘Noche Flamenca’ is an outstanding Flamenco show and Sevillanas dance performance which will be a success at any kind of event. The best dancers accompanied by the best singers and guitarists will bring an unforgettable night through an original performance of Flamenco.

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  • Our Flamenco shows will guarantee a successful evening
  • An exclusive show which portrays the art of dance and song of flamenco

Do you want to experience a typical Spanish event? If so, ‘Noche Flamenca’ is the show for you. Let the passion of Flamenco run through your veins and enjoy this amazing experience.

Flamenco show – Content

  • Artists: hire dancers (1,2,3… couples). Additional options: ‘cantaores’ (singers) and other musicians.
  • Duration: 30 minutes (20′ performance + 10′ public interaction). Possibility of dividing the performance into two parts of 15 minutes or in three of 10 minutes. Public interaction can be omitted.
  • Location: in the company’s office, hotels or similar places in which your event is taking place. Willingness to travel to any country.



Flamenco is a typical style of music and dance from the south of Spain. It originated on the eighteenth century in places like Andalucia, Murcia or Extremadura and was the result of the merging of different cultures. Flamenco show is a very peculiar show, very artistic, cultural and unique. In 2010, UNESCO stated this art as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

espectáculo de flamenco

espectáculo de flamenco parejas


cantaor y bailaores


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