Dancers for events

Dancers for events. Dance shows for hire in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

Dancers from the most popular TV shows in Spain: “¡Mira quién baila!”, “Hoy no me puedo levantar”, “Uno de los nuestros”, “40 el musical”, etc. Here’s more information on how to contract dancers for events.

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We count with a distinguished group of dancers for events, winners of many dance contests and also known for their work in the most popular TV programs and most successful musicals of the country.


Mira quien baila” (TVE), “Tu cara me suena” (Telecinco), “Uno de los nuestros” (TVE), “Más que baile” (Telecinco), “Operación Triunfo” (TVE/Telecinco), are some examples.


Hoy no me puedo levantar“, “Grease“, “Mamma Mia“, “Los 40“, “¡Mira quién baila!”, are some examples.

Here are other examples which prove we are the best option:


Hiring dancers: Example #1

Reopening of the Madrid Marriott Auditorium.



Hiring dancers: Example #2

Our group works with the well-known amusement park Port Aventura in different events.

logo-port-aventura      contratar-bailarines-y-bailarinas-de-port-aventura

Hiring dancers: our personal suggestion of dance shows for events.

espectáculo de bailes de salón

Ballroom Dance. Ballroom dancing

Ballroom dance show in which dancers are able to perform any kind of dance, for instance: tango, Latin rhythms, waltz, swing, pasodoble, etc. A very appropriate show for any kind of business event.



Flamenco y Olé. Flamenco show

This Flamenco and Sevillanas show will be a success at any kind of event. The best dancers accompanied by the best cantaores, guitarists and musicians will create an unforgettable night with all the art of Flamenco.


chicago espectaculo de cabaret

Chicago. Cabaret show

If you want to transform your event into a true Cabaret, this is the show for you. Prestigious dancers, winners of dance competitions and collaborators of TV shows, unite to recreate the sensual choreographies of one of the most successful musicals of all time.


espectaculo de baile con trajes luminosos

BR2. Show with illuminated suits

BR2 is a show that brings incredible choreographies in a bright stage. It presents the world in the year 2222, when the sun light has disappeared due to the greenhouse effect and it’s the robots BR2’s job to nourish the planet with light and entertain the human species.


bollywood para eventos

Bollywood Essence

These dances come directly from India and are a very original option. Sensual and exotic choreographies that will bring the Asian vibes to your business event; colour, fantasy, entertainment and energy is what you can expect to see in these exotic and traditional dances from India.


BSO banda sonora original

BSO. Dance show including famous choreographies from Hollywood

Show including famous choreographies from Hollywood, full of light and colours where music and dance combine to make the audience feel alive. Professionalism and youth are combined in these attractive choreographies which are full of surprises and will bring you back to your favourite movies.

spanish fusión espectaculo de ritmos latinos para eventos

Spanish Fusion. Latin rhythm show

This is a ballroom dance shows which combines dances like pasodoble, merengue, flamenco and salsa amongst others. A new and original show which combines Spanish and Latin rhythms with the best professional dancers with years of experience.



Fever swing. Swing show

Swing is one of the most popular dances that originated in U.S.A around the twenties and thirties. With its hectic pace, guests won’t be able to resist the urge of standing up and join the dancers with or without a partner. We have the best dancers specialised in Swing to brighten up your event and make all your guests move their feet.


tango pasión

Tango Passion. Tango show

A show which will bring all the passion of the tango to your event. Four dancers and three musicians will hit the stage maintaining the glamour of the style of this dance. Professional dancers will perform the most popular Argentine tangos mixing them with the European tango show dance.



Street Dance: Hip hop, Funky and Break Dance

The dancers of Street Dance show will perform different urban dances like Hip hop, Funky and Break Dance. A show full of energy in which the dancer’s creativity and improvisation is very important.



Hire dancers for parties

Ballroom dance, Bollywood, Break dance, Cabaret, Flamenco, Funky, Hip hop, Merengue, Pasodoble, Latin rhythms, Salsa, Street dance, Tango, Waltz, etc.

Hire dance shows

Dance shows catalogue

About Espectalium

We are an agency specialized in hiring artists and Spanish celebrities for events and marketing campaigns. We offer a wide catalogue of top level profiles. Our goal is to make events easy for our clients by handling both the production and the marketing and advertisement campaigns. Let us advise you, we have very interesting options for you!

With our main offices in Madrid and Barcelona, we work all around Spain: Álava, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Asturias, Ávila, Badajoz, Burgos, Cáceres, Cádiz, Cantabria, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Córdoba, La Coruña, Cuenca, Gerona, Granada, Guadalajara, Guipúzcoa, Huelva, Huesca, Islas Baleares, Jaén, León, Lérida, Lugo, Málaga, Murcia, Navarra, Ourense, Palencia, Las Palmas, Pontevedra, La Rioja, Salamanca, Segovia, Sevilla, Soria, Tarragona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Teruel, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid, Vizcaya, Zamora and Zaragoza.

If you are a manager or an agent, or if you work for a representative or a management office, and you have suggestions to include in our catalogue, please fill in the application form in the contact section.

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