Cabaret show for events

Chicago. Cabaret show for events

Chicago is the perfect cabaret show for your next event in Spain. It’s an original performance full of elegance, class and glamour, combined together in a show that will bring you back to the early 20th century. Chicago will take you to the most glamorous time of the varietés where you will enjoy the most authentic cabaret show of all time.

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Artists: hire as many dancers you need (1,2,3… couples).

Length: 30 minutes (20′ performance + 10′ interaction with the public). Possibility of dividing the performance into two parts of 15 minutes or in three of 10 minutes. Public interaction can be omitted.

Location: in the company’s office, hotels or similar places in which you event takes place. We will take care of preparing the venue to create the perfect cabaret show.

The dancers

In this show we count with dancers from TV shows and theatres, known for their work in programs and musicals as:

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Related shows

talent agencyBSO.  Dance show including famous choreographies from Hollywood 

Twenty songs from Hollywood are included in this show in which 16 dancers who are dressed accordingly, perform these pieces reminiscing the movies in which they appeared. Professionalism and youth are combined in these attractive choreographies which are full of surprises and will bring you back to your favourite movies.


Foto 2Dance Bollywood

These dances come directly from India and are a very original and popular option. Sensual and exotic choreographies that will bring the Asian country’s feel to your business event; colour, fantasy, entertainment and energy is what you can expect to see in these exotic and traditional dances from India.


espectaculo de baile trajes luminososBR2. Show with illuminated suits (Brodas Bro)

BR2 is a show that brings incredible choreographies in a bright stage. It presents the world in the year 2222, when the sun light has disappeared due to the greenhouse effect and it’s the robots BR2’s job to nourish the planet with light and entertain the human species.


espectáculos de swing

Fever swing. Swing show

Swing is one of the most popular dances that originated in the USA around the twenties and thirties. With its hectic pace, guests won’t be able to resist the urge of standing up and join the dancers with or without a partner. We have the best dancers specialised in Swing to brighten up your event and make all your guests move their feet.


Lafotografica 103Spanish Fusion. Latin rhythm show

This ballroom dance show combines dances like pasodoble and merengue, flamenco and salsa amongst others. A new and original show which combines Spanish and Latin rhythms with the best professional dancers with many years of experience.


Foto 1Tango Passion. Tango Show

A show which will bring all the passion of the tango to your event. Four dancers and three musicians will hit the stage proving the glamourous style of this dance. Professional dancers will perform the most popular Argentinian tangos combining them with with the European tango showdance.


Lafotografica 192Flamenco night. Flamenco shows

A Typical spanish show. Cantaores and famous performers of the flamenco world gather up to perform this spanish dance, a very successful show which will make you clap and dance. Discover the flamenco dancer inside of you.


About Espectalium

We are an agency devoted to hiring artists for any kind of event, publicity and marketing campaigns.

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