Belly dance show for events

Oriental Passion. Belly dance show for events in Spain: Madrid, Barcelona. etc.

This millenary dance full of beauty originates in the Middle East. This amazing belly dance show will bring lots of surprises to the stage.

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  • Be amazed by the most spectacular belly dance show
  • Completely adaptable show to your liking.

Belly dance show

Belly dance is the result of an evolution of many ancient dances. It was created from the dances from the Middle East, the North of Africa and Greece. Its diversity is shown in all its elements: the music, the appearance of the dancers, its style, the rhythms… It is definitely a show with an explosion of aesthetics and music.

The belly dance is known for its dancers’ sensuality when moving their hips. A dance full of elegance and symbolism. The noise made by the coins placed in the hips helps to make it an even more surprising show.

Enjoy this millenary dance from the Middle East.

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